The company at a glance

Pascal Information Technology Ltd. is a consulting company operating in Vancouver, Canada. It was formed out of the same resources as Pascal Sistemas de Computação Ltda., a Brazilian firm based in São Paulo.

Pascal Sistemas de Computação was established in September 1979 to provide consulting services to the ever-changing Information Technology industry in Brazil.

From 1991 to 1994, Pascal developed a Broadcast TV Operations management application for various cable TV stations in Brazil — MTV Brasil, HBO Brasil, ESPN Brasil and others. That experience provided the knowledge basis for the product now marketed as 4C-TV™.

4C-TV™ development started in 1995 and the first installation occurred in September 1996, for HBO Brasil.

Pascal was founded by Julio Carneiro to apply the skills acquired during his career as IS manager at a Brazilian airline. Initially the aim was to provide specialized application development for the airline industry.

However, over the years Pascal's client base has expanded to include many other industries such as radiology clinic, publishing, cable television, direct marketing, pulp & paper, lottery, horse track betting, wholesale and others.

Pascal specializes in the development of custom solutions that attend the specific needs of its clients as well as delivering timely and professional services.

The projects covered here show the wide spectrum of expertise and skills attained by Pascal, in addition to the different platforms and environments involved in each project.

For this brochure only some of the major projects performed by Pascal were selected: those where Pascal was the sole contractor or prime designer and others where Pascal was key to a successfull project development and installation.

For further information please contact:
Julio Carneiro,
Pascal Information Technology Ltd.
#415-345 Lonsdale Ave.
North Vancouver, BC V7M 3M9

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