A Comprehensive line of business application for Complete Control of Cable Television Stations.

4C-TV™ is a TV Station line of business application designed to provide a complete solution for managing and controlling all aspects of a TV Station operation, from program acquisition and selection up to the daily log and interfaces to automation equipment, including production, post-production and ad sales.

4C-TV™ includes the following functions:

Application Environment

4C-TV™ is based on the 4th Dimension™ DBMS,a multi-user client server relational database running on Macintosh and Windows networks.

 The database server may sit in either a Macintosh or a Windows NT server, with access from client workstations on any platform: MacOS, Windows 3.1, Windows 95 or Windows NT.

 The database server may also be accessible from remote workstations via a serial or internet connection.   

Design Principles

4C-TV™ design is based on the following principles:

Functional Description


Contract Management

Program Inventory Management & Traffic

Program Scheduling

Commercial Inventory Management

Ad Sales

Commercial Scheduling

Media Library

Production Management

TV Guide (magazine preparation interface)

System Access Control

4C-TV™ provides three levels of control for user access to the database:

Each user is presented only those functions he is given access to by the system administrator.   

Packaged Solution

4C-TV™ provides a complete and integrated solution and includes :


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