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HBO Latin America

HBO Latin America is the Latin American version of HBO's movie channels (HBO & Cinemax) in both Spanish and Portuguese, owned by HBO (a Time Warner company), Sony, Warner and Disney.

HBO LAG operates multiple Spanish and Portuguese cable channels including HBO, Cinemax, Sony Entertainement Television, WBTV, The Disney Channel, E! Entertainment and others.

Design & develop a relational multi-user database, providing movie acquisition and inventory control; film post-production control; long & short term movie scheduling; program production control and inventory; tape library management and commercial booking.

Install and customize Pascal's 4C-TV™ System.

HBO Latin America is a licensed user of Pascal's 4C-TV™ System, and is supported via remote connection from our offices in Vancouver. see details for complete product description

HBO Brasil

HBO Brasil is the Portuguese version of HBO movie channel, owned by HBO (a Time Warner company), Sony, Warner and TVA Brasil.

Design & develop a relational multi-user database, providing movie acquisition and inventory control; film post-production control; long & short term movie scheduling; program production control and inventory; tape library management and commercial booking.

Macintosh network, using ACI 4th Dimension client-server database.

HBO Brasil is now one of the users of Pascal's 4C-TV™ System, and is supported via remote connection from our offices in Vancouver. see details for complete product description

Memex Software Inc.

Memex is a Vancouver based software company specialized in the development of Broadcast TV Program Management Systems, and is used by many USA based PBS stations as well as by DirecTV (US based digital satellite TV).

Design a new Electronic Program Guide subsystem based on the new DVB (European Digital Video Broadcast) Standard.
The new standard has been adopted by all new digital satellite TV enterprises in Europe and Japan.

Pascal involvement covered analysis of the proposed digital TV standards and design specifications for incorporation into Memex's broadcast TV systems.

Pascal also acted as Product Development Team Leader, overlooking the transition from a Clarion native database platform to a relational Oracle/7 Database Server, on a Windows/NT platform


NET Sat is a Satellite TV (DTH) operator, covering all of Brazil. NetSat is now a subsidiary of SKY Latin America, a Newscorp company.

Address validation, searching and ZIP code calculation for a Subscriber Management System to be used on their new digital satellite operation.

Installation and customization of Pascal's Zip Coding System for a Smalltalk platform on an Oracle database.

Name & address analysis routines for a subscribers' database on a Smalltalk application, accessing an Oracle database over Netware.

A collection of "C" routines implemented as a Windows 3.1 DLL for "match code" generation, name & address de-duplication.

MTV Brasil

MTV Brasil is the Brazilian franchise for Viacom's MTV, owned and operated by the Abril Group as a broadcast as well as a cable TV channel.

Design & develop an integrated multi-user relational client-server database to provide program inventory & scheduling, media library and contents library, commercial booking and scheduling, commercial invoicing and management functionality.

80+ client Macintoshes on an Ethernet network, using ACI 4th Dimension client-server database.

Pascal involvement covered also equipment & network specification, and installation support.

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TVA Brasil

TVA Brasil is a cable TV operator owned by the Abril Group.

Develop a system for producing TVA's monthly Cable TV Guide using information from existing databases (like MTV & HBO above), as well as other sources.

A Macintosh setup using ACI 4th Dimension database for collecting the monthly programming data and generating output to QuarkXpress.
The production is entirely automated, using database publishing technique with minimal human intervention.

The project involved the design of QuarkXpress templates as well as the connection between 4th Dimension database and QuarkXpress.

Develop an interface solution between the company's subscription application (Netware-Oracle 7 based) and its set-top box control system (UNIX based).

"C" program running on DOS, using a serial interface to the Unix box to send transactions collected from the Oracle database, allowing enable/disable of cable converters from the Oracle application.

Used Oracle Pro-C for Oracle database access.

Abril Group

Abril Group is the largest publishing and printing corporation in Latin America, with offices in Portugal and Argentina and subsidiaries in the cable TV and video industries. The Abril Group is also the largest Apple Macintosh user in Brazil.

The company 's top executives use Comshare's Commander EIS --on Windows and Macintoshes--, which has a mail interface to mainframe IBM-Profs. The project commissioned was a replacement for the mainframe mail interface with a Lotus cc:Mail, LAN mail solution.

Several modules using a mix of "C", Hypercard & AppleScript (Mac side) and DDE (Windows side), providing a seamless integration between the two components.

Editora Globo

Editora Globo is the second largest publishing company in Brazil.

Develop a system for producing two monthly Cable TV Guides using database publishing techniques.

A Macintosh solution based on a 4th Dimension database coupled with QuarkXpress for automatic magazine formatting.

The 4th Dimension database implemented several features to easy data entry of TV listings, movie synopsis, etc.

Lorem Ipsum

Lorem Ipsum is a publishing company that produces specialized music sheets & song books.

Production of musical scores with very specific graphic design output requirements.

A Macintosh solution based on an off-the-shelf music program with a Hypercard and "C" filter to a QuarkXpress output.

This project required modifications to Postscript generated code to adjust the music program output to the required music layout design.

Jockey Club de São Paulo

Jockey Club is a horse racing track in São Paulo with on and off-track betting sites spread all over Brazil. Races run daily throughout the year.

Design a Wagering System for the online betting collection, odds calculation, winning tickets payout, etc. The project required the design of a complete solution from the P.O.S. terminal, networking protocols and the transaction processing application.

An application hosted on a Data General Nova 4, running RDOS, with P.O.S. terminals controlled by PC concentrators.
The host application was written in Assembly, and required the design of a Transaction Processing Applications Framework for the Nova computers. A Communications Framework for MS-DOS was also developed for the implementation of the PC concentrators, all written in "C", under MS-DOS.

Both Frameworks used for this project were later used to develop other applications on the Nova and MS-DOS platforms (Supermarket P.O.S. System, Lottery Tickets Capture, etc.)

Produce a Race program booklet twice a week, with the race schedule, horses statistical data, betting information, etc.
The data for the race schedule was hosted in an Oracle database.

A Macintosh setup with a Hypercard application extracting data from an Oracle database remotely, formatting more than 100 pages automatically into QuarkXpress.

Companhia Suzano de Papel

Suzano is the largest pulp and paper industry in Brazil.

Design a framework for the UNIX environment, to ease the porting of IBM COBOL CICS applications to UNIX, and allowing mainframe COBOL programmers to develop new applications using existing IBM CICS skills.

A Transaction Processing Application Framework for the UNIX environment, interfacing with Micro Focus COBOL and emulating IBM's CICS API.
The system components included a COBOL pre-compiler and a multi-thread CICS-like runtime environment.

The system was written in "C", and later ported to MS-DOS.

Editora Abril

Editora Abril is the publishing division of the Abril Group, which publishes more than 30 weekly and monthly magazines, comic books, travel guides and more.

Customize and implement a large Magazine Subscription System, acquired from a Swedish company. The System is an IBM mainframe hosted application, composed of more than 500 COBOL/IMS/CICS programs.
The project called also for specialized Brazilian name & address routines and an automatic zip coding subsystem for Brazil.

The name & address analysis algorithms, and the zip coding routines, were all developed in IBM Assembler.

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