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  Daily Schedule

u Daily Schedule preparation, validation and programming function.

u Functions on the Daily Schedule Screen are disabled for any date before the actual date, blocking any change to past schedules.

u A padlock icon allows closing/opening a Day for modifications. Generating the automation interface file (Louth) automatically closes a day's padlock.

u Functions that do not change the Play List remain enabled, ex: Print Playlist, Export Louth, etc..

uThe system always recalculates the day's starting time, based on the previous day's ending time, except when the initial start time has been manually changed. In that case, the system will ALWAYS use the manually indicated time, regardless of the previous ending time. To force the system to go back to calculating the time, the informed time must be cleared (just set the initial time to 00:00:00). To indicate that the start time of a certain day was manually changed, it is displayed in red.

u Whenever a new date is selected, the Promo list is updated to show valid Promos for that day.

u The Event’s Rating information is displayed in the Daily Schedule Events list and if non-blank, the event is underlined to indicate that it needs special attention (for Promos, Interstitial & Commercials).

u The day's event list displays the total Break time, not yet filled. The total is updated automatically as events are added to the play list.

u Program events cannot be deleted or changed! Any changes to scheduled Programs must be made via the Monthly Schedule screen, and the Play lsit can be updated via the Validate Schedule button.

Version Change

u The Assign Copy button brings up a list of all available Program Copies for selection. When a new Program Copy is assigned, all events that were automatically generated (those in blue) are "recalculated". For example, the Rating vignette House Number will be recalculated, based on the new Copy's rating.

Scheduling Events

u The Available Events List has a set of "tabs" that allows the selection of the type of events to be displayed. There are "tabs" for displaying Promos, Interstitials, Vignettes, Commercial Inserts, Ad Sales Plans, Commercials and the Monthly Schedule.

u Events from that list are programmed by dragging them into the Play List and dropping into the desired insertion point. Drag & drop is disabled when the list is showing Monthly Schedule events.

u Dbl-click on any event on the list brings up the corresponding event record.

u For Commercial Inserts, the list shows Comerciais that have already been scheduled thru the Ad Sales Schedule Screen, and those already placed into the Play List are shown in yellow colour. The button Merge... can be used to merge all events programmed via the Ad Sales Schedule Screen automatically into the Play List.

u The Ad Plans tab, brings a list of Ad Plans with insertions planned for the day and a indication of those with insertions still to be programmed. Remember that the Commercial Inserts tab brings only those events that have been schedule via the Ad Sales Schedule Screen, while the Ad Plans brings all Commercial Insertion Plans.

u Via drag&drop it is possible to program a Commercial directly from an Ad Plan list. IN such case, besides adding the event to the Play List, a corresponding event is automatically created into the Ad Sales Schedule (that will be used for conciliation and invoicing).

u Manually inserted events are not "locked" to their start time, being adjusted automatically as new events are added to the Play List.

u On the right side of the event's tabs there is the "event locator" icon (magnifier), which is used to locate events in the Play List. Highlighting an event in the list and clicking the "locate" button will scroll the Play List to that event's first exhibition; additional clicks will scroll the Play List to additional plays of the same event. That eases the process of looking up events in a Play List.

u Dbl-click on any line in the Play List brings up a dialog to replace the scheduled event (except regular programs). IN the replace dialog the Find button allows searching for the new event. If multiple records are found by the Find, a list is presented for user selection.

u IN the case of "non-movie" (Special) events copied from the Monthly Schedule, the Find button will search the Produtos table (Interstitials).

Preparing the Daily Log

Automation Interface

Daily Schedule Validation

  • the Program for a given event was substituted ==> in that case the system will automatically substitute the program in the Daily Schedule; all automatic events will be updated as well (Next On’s, Vignettes, etc.)
  • the event was removed from the Monthly Schedule==> the corresponding event and all associated events (Next On's, Vignettes...) will be removed; any other event scheduled for the corresponding break will remain in the daily schedule!.
  • a new Program was inserted into the Monthly Schedule ==> the system will add the event to the Daily Schedule with an associated BREAK\; none of the ancillary events, usually created automatically by the system will be added to the database (Next On's, Vignettes...), those will have to be added manually in that case.
  • u The Program copies selected for the Play List are also validated and an alert will be issued to the operator if they do not correspond to the Channel's standard "Exhibition Copy" (i.e. Copy Usage is not “Air Master”).

  • The Copy Usage that corresponds to a Channel's "Exhibition Copy" can be set via the Daily Schedule Parameters.

  • Daily Schedule Duplication

    u When accessing the Dup Schedule function for any Delay channel, the user will be present with a dialog to indicate the source and target channels and the delay time. Both channles must belong to the same Service, with the source channel being "non-delay" and the target a "delay" channel.

    u During the duplication process some House Number's prefix can be substituted automatically. The substitution is based on a list of House Number to replace, specified by the Daily Schedule Parameters.

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    updated release 2.1.009