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  Pre Scheduling

 u Pre Scheduling

 u The system does not automatically update the schedule times in the Pre-Schedule screen.  The schedule times are only updated in two situations:  when adding a new event via the drag and drop button; and when updating the time via the Schedule Start button.  In this last case, the start schedule time is also modified.

 u The (magnifying glass) button brings a query into the Pre-Schedule and the top-rightmost window will display the first date the selected program is pre-scheduled to.

Add Manual Event

u The Add button manually adds events to the monthly schedule. Dbl-clicking in one event will display the schedule screen for programming events.

u The Program selection considers only titles with rights licensed to the Channel's territory (of the Channel being scheduled) and with licensed Services on the Channel's inventory.

u Each Channel must be assigned a Territory and the system validates if the Program has exhibition rights for the Channel's Territory. If no Licensed Service record is found for the channel's Territory, the Program cannot be schedule in that channel.

u The Planned for button brings up a list of titles planned for the channel & month being scheduled, that is, titles with Burst Plan for the month. The user can select titles from that list.

u In case of multiple copies of the program are available, the system will list the copies for the suer to select.  This additional step can be avoided when scheduling a program by indicating which copy should be used by the Daily Schedule configuration screen.

u The Action Pack Code field indicates the "action pack" code for the event.

u This code is found in the "FI_ActionPack" pop-up menu, and is used for obtaining information for the Action Pack.

u The Action Pack code is duplicated with the event, e.g.: HBO->HBO2.  If the information is updated in the HBO after the duplication, it must also be updated in the HBO2.

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updated release 2.3.008
Thu, Nov 15, 2001