4C-TV™ System

  Job Control

u Job Management and Control functionality allows direct control of the job queue, facilitating job assignment, follow up and handling of Job completion.

u Based on the user profile some buttons do not show up in the screen. Only those functions granted to each user will be available. Additional options are available for controlling this screen operation (see here).

u A Quick Query box (light green) can be used to select a list of Jobs. It can be used to select jobs of a giver type (Service), assigned to a particular provider, open Jobs (without a expect completion date) and Jobs in progress. The More… button brings up the full Job Query screen, providing additional job selection options and criteria.

u The Assign To button updates the Job provider and its expected due date. This button is used to control Job assignment to different providers. If the selected Job's expected completion date is before the Job Due Date field, the Job Due Date field will update its expected completion date.

u The four buttons in the light yellow box provide the following functions:

u The Job Done button will flag the selected Job as Completed and display the proper Job Completion dialog (see below).

Job Done

u The Job Done button selects completed jobs.  When executed, the system will request information related to start/end date, operator, workstation, final values, etc. on the completed job.

u When completing a parent job, the system verifies subordinated jobs that were completed, and indicates any incomplete job.  It is possible to cancel the operation or force completion of the parent job.

u The Total Sub button in the parent jobs screen calculates the total of completed subordinate jobs, and updates the price value, duration, taxes, and total cost for the parent job.

u The Status field displays a two-letter code for jobs already completed.  It provides codes for each complete job related to the program.

u The code related to each type of job is found in the Job Parameters Screen, in the Action Code field.  Only a two-letter value is accepted.

u Different dialogs are presented depending on the type of Job (service) being completed. The specific dialog is configured in the Job Parameters Screen, in the Job Done Action field, and can be:

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Thu, Nov 15, 2001