4C-TV™ System

  Job Order Parameters

u Configuration screen for Jobs parameters.

u The Program Status Code field indicates the code to be entered in the Status field in the Program record for jobs already completed.

u The Job Done Action field indicates the proper dialog to display for Job Completion, and can be:

u The  Mandatory Job Dur. determines that the Job Duration field is mandatory before the Job can be set as completed.

u Information on each Job Type is found on the left-hand side of screen.  Three different pieces of information must be provided for each type of Job.  This information will be used for creating new Jobs.  If not provided, this field is left blank in the Job record, and the cost must be entered manually.

u The following variables can be used in the formula:

u The Work Unit Formula can be defined by multiple lines for calculation and commands such as IF, Case, etc.

u When using complex formulas, 4C-TV™ gives the results using the vrResult variable.

u The Job Parameters and special variables ([...]) can be used to calculate complex formulas.  When executed, the corresponding value is replaced in the formula before the calculation.

u In case of simple formulas, each parameter value is replaced by a numerical value (0 or 1) when its content is "N" or "S" (or "Y"). The content is not taken into consideration for complex formulas.

u If a formula has an error, the system will BEEP and the calculation will not be completed.  In this case the result will always be "-1".

u It is recommended to test the formulas before starting the Job calculation to avoid any difficulties in saving Jobs.

u The Duration and Test Formula buttons test the validity of determined formulas.  The parameters can be tested by changing the default value list and pressing the Test Formula button.  Do not forget to change back the default value list.

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updated release 2.3.008
Thu, Nov 15, 2001