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  Import Schedule

u The Channel pop-up menu allows selection of the channel and format of the record to be imported.

u When processing the monthly Schedule import for Invited Channels, the programs are checked against Primary or Alternate Services.  The system will bring up an error message if an imported program cannot be broadcast in the channel to which it has been imported.  This can happen when a program has been broadcast in one of the standard channels and shows up in one of the invited channels.  In this case, the event listed in the monthly schedule is for information only.

u It is possible to correct the data in the Time and ID fields, as well as Title, Series, and Episode Num.  The system will use the program title if the series title is blank.  This function helps to make changes to incorrectly imported records.

u The Import function adds Franchise information to the record.  Franchise information is also found in the imported event list, and can be modified in this screen before saving the schedule in the database.

u The Format button displays a list of formats for importing records.




Text file format to be imported:

o   Single : one event per line, e.g.:  Sony

o Multiple : multiples events per line, e.g.: Warner


Number of column for the date of the event


Number of column for the event Series; optional, indicate "0" (zero) if non-existent


Number of column for the number of Episode; optional, indicate "0" (zero) if non-existent


Number of column for the event title


Number of column with ID from Caracas for the event; optional, indicate “0” (zero) if non-existent


Number of column for the time for the event


Number of column for the Franchise for the event, optional, indicate “0” (zero) if non-existent


Number of column used per each day, in cases of multiples days


Number of days for each line in the text file


Time difference between the imported file and the local time

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updated release 2.3.008
Thu, Nov 15, 2001