4C-TV™ System

  Import Avail List

 u Import Avail List from text file exported from Excel.

u The Import Avail List function imports and adds new Programs to the database from a text file.

u The file to be imported can hold additional columns for Series, Episode, and Contract information.

u The File Format button specifies the text file format to be imported and indicates the position of each column.  It will allow the user to specify each field before importing.

u The Title and Distributor fields are not optional.  If not present, the column number should be indicated as "0" (zero).  The fields that can be used are as follows:

u The system copies and cross-references the record data into the database.  4C-TV uses Program, Series, or Episode titles not found to update the screen.

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updated release 2.3.008
Thu, Nov 15, 2001