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  Production/Interstitial Form (Query Help)

u The Product record and Production material are used as Interstitials in the schedule.

u When adding new Production records to the database, the system will present a new small entry screen, where users indicate the event type, sub-type, channel and title.

u The information for the Cast and Director fields are extracted from the Program record.  The fields can be manually filled for those products that are not related to any program in the database.

u Changes to the Cast and Director information can only be made in the Program record related to the event.

u When filling in the Program Title field, 4C-TV™ searches the database for records that have the same title, and displays its Cast and Director information.

u Fields are available in the Product record for scheduling control.  They are: the last scheduled rdate, the last channel, and the total number of plays.

u This information is updated automatically by the As Run reconciliation, and shows information from actually played events.

u Information on the last scheduled date is also displayed in the Product list of the Daily Schedule screen.  It will help to determine if and when the event has been broadcast.

u The Master Tape and the Pre-Master Tape fields with TC IN are also available in the Product Record.

u The Master Tape field is updated automatically when entering the first part of the Product record information.  It will also update the Delivery Date field.

u When entering the Pre-Master Tape field, the same Media ID found in any of the Product record Parts must be used.

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updated release 2.3.008
Thu, Nov 15, 2001